Integra DMS 7

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Complex service of dealer centers:

  • new and second hand vehicle sale
  • car order and delivery service
  • CRM functions, customer contact report
  • Complex service of vehicles taken on commission
  • Vehicle offerting – co-operation with MS Office
  • Spare parts service and sale 
  • Guarantee repairs, car service report
  • Reports and analysis (shop, warehouse, service, finance)
  • Integration with importer systems of various brands

Integra DMS 7
provides complex support in vehicle servicing and sale. The software might be integrated with the importer system and adjusted individually to a given service net.
CRM functions allow to increase the income of the company significantly and advanced reports enable to analyse the activity and servicing the loyalty program for long-standing customers.
The system also involves guarantee repairs servicing, functions related to courtesy cars and serial correspondence that greatly improves service activities. A detailed description of vehicle service is presented on a other subpage.

Car index, Order and advance money service
The program allows to create and edit indexes of car makes, models and versions. Each car might be described by numerous parameters and additional equipment. ”Customer’s orders” available in the system allow to calculate the advance money, equipment, price and reservation of the ordered vehicle.

Vehicle delivery, pre-delivery inspection
Delivery servicing with the use of goods / materials received notes – GRNs allows to receive vehicles to the warehouse quickly. During the delivery ”Delivery protocol” might be printed out additionally to confirm it. The program enables to keep seperate record of delivery of vehicles belonging to the importer.
It is also possible to calculate the extra cost  connected with a given vehicle eg. extra transportation cost, car alarm free of charge etc. The extra cost is included in the reports and commission calculations for sales managers. Order of pre-delivery inspection and additional equipment installation such as car alarm etc. might be ”sent” during the delivery.

Vehicle sale
is serviced by related documents such as advance payment invoices, VAT invoices and VAT margin invoices. Sale documents include detailed vehicle data necessary to register them in vehicle registry offices (vehicle body number, type approval, technical parameters etc.) The protocol of vehicle transfer might be printed out together with the document of sale. The range of data on the printed form might be adjusted by different parameters in the program settings. The prices in the document of sale might be given in PLN or foreign currency calculated automatically by current money converter of Polish National Bank.

CRM module
enables introducing events related to customer service such as the topic, date and description of the event or event reminer if necessary. CRM functions enable to send sms/emails to customers including promotions, new models on sale, last year model sales etc. Special reminders might be also created that are related to a vehicle or customer, or they may give and control tasks for the employees such as offer preparation, data update on www etc.

Thanks to integration with MS Office system the sale offers for customers may be prepared quickly. Integra DMS provides constant record of complex offers and the possibility to analyse the efficiency of sales managers activity.

Second hand vehicle module
includes functions for servicing the sale of second hand cars. These are among others VAT margin invoices, sale and purchase agreements and records of cars taken on commission. The module of damage description enables to describe a car taken on commission quickly in order to avoid any misunderstanding with the car owner.

E-second hand dealer module
provides simple and quick offer presentation in the Internet. Data export to a www portal automatically completes the websites with the data introduced in Integra DMS 7 system. It enables both the employees and the cusomers of the company to benefit from the same offer. Offer export to Allegro/OtoMoto portals will increase sale potential of such an offer. The www offer may be related to new as well as second hand vehicles.

Reports and nalysis
enable to control the sale of vehicles concerning the periods, car makes, models and versions as well as many more parameters required by the company. Such a solution also provides efficient preparation of different reports for a given net importer. The report results may be presented in a graphic form and exported to MS Excel.The system also provides efficient calculation of sales manager’s commission regarding extra cost while purchasing vehicles.

Integration with importer ERP system
Through the transitional layers (WebService) we integrate our solutions with multiple external systems of large corporations and importers. In the interface between Integra DMS 7 and ERP systems we can exchange information about the sale of spare parts and service, data about warranty and of-warranty repairs.
We could exchange data through Web services, XML files, Database (MS SQL, Oracle) or other agreed format.

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