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Integra DMS 7
Integra DMS 7 provides complex support in vehicle servicing and sale. The software might be integrated with the importer system and adjusted individually to a given service net.
CRM functions allow to increase the income of the company significantly and advanced reports enable to analyse the activity and servicing the loyalty program for long-standing customers.
The system also involves guarantee repairs servicing, functions related to courtesy cars and serial correspondence that greatly improves service activities.
A detailed description of vehicle service is presented below.

Integra 7
Trying to face expectations of the companies connected with car motor industry, we created Integra system - complex information science tool constituting the stable basis of company development.
Great possibilities in the range of configuration together with the module structure of the system make it possible for Integra 7 to be used in small companies, as well as in big car motor complexes such as:
car workshops, ASO services, sheet-metal and painting shops, tire and specialist services, showrooms and car consignments, car washes, car shops or spare parts dealers.

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